Maple & Bacon What? Introducing Maple-Bacon Icing


Following the recent bacon-mania and maple-infusion craze, AMORETTI, the ultimate pastry, savory and beverage ingredient company, introduces their palette-pondering new icing flavor, Maple Bacon! A sure-fire way to get mouth-watering conversation started at your next party, this novelty topping merges the best of salty-n-sweet and self-indulgence.

Bacon enthusiasm has reached epidemic proportions within the United States. The explosion of off-the-wall bacon dishes can be seen popping up in bakeries, cupcakeries, pastry departments and state fairs. Bold selections such as maple bacon doughnuts, baconnaise, chocolate-covered bacon, and even bacon salt have pushed the boundaries of what sweet addicts have come to know as the norm.

Maple has made a more recent splash into food-infusion. The classic maple syrup that has been smothering your pancakes since childhood has left no leaf unturned in the isles of your grocery store. From maple-glazed turkey to maple-infused rye whiskey, this trendy and slightly obscure flavoring addition has been turning heads and causing grocery cart traffic jams.

With all the buzz surrounding maple and bacon, Amoretti and its team of flavor-perfectionists have come together to provide all the convenience of store-bought icing at a premium taste that world-renowned pastry chefs have come to expect. Maple Bacon’s sinful assimilation with icing has the power to invigorate the blandest of dessert choices.

Use Maple Bacon Icing as a tantalizing glaze for bundt cakes or cinnamon rolls or whip things up to pipe atop cakes and cupcakes alike. For foodie-extremists, use equal half parts icing and ganache to dip cake pops and cookies or fill truffles and macarons. You can even spread it over toast for a quick morning routine overhaul.

Conveniently available online at or, make sure to stock up for your next celebration!

For more information or samples, please contact, 310-274-6726.