Scissors / A Mock Release

Finally, UK based company William Whiteley & Sons (Sheffield) Ltd. has cut the hassle out of some of the most tedious tasks with the release of their latest and most genius invention, scissors. Say goodbye to spending countless hours with the jagged edges of that razor and say hello to the simplicity and straight-cut lines of their ergonomically designed tool.


Whether you are a seamstress, cook, blacksmith, haircutter or doctor there are thousands of ways using scissors can increase the productivity of your everyday workflow. Long-bladed scissors, also known as shears, can be used in a variety of situations but barbers will quickly find that by adopting this new technology they will be providing their clients with a new way of adding texture and a much more safe and precise way of thinning while creating a neat and clean cut.


With the added bonus that each pair of scissors are made out of stainless steel, you and your client will be confident in knowing that the tool you are using is resistant to rust and the most hygienic and safe product on the market today. This will increase the shelf life of your new product as you take steps in investing this productivity-enhancing tool into your life.


More Info on William Whiteley & Sons

William Whiteley & Sons has been an established textile supply company since 1760. Along with their latest innovation, the company also manufactures 250 types and patterns of other scissors for textiles, composites including Aramid, Carbon Fibre, Glass Fibre, rubbers, leather, all polymers and plastics and fine meshes. They produce top quality Wilkinson Lightweight plastic handled range, 4.5" to 10", powerful and very sharp. They also have a close relationship with the medical field and have passed all strict requirements to supply high quality stainless nurses' and dissecting scissors, sharp and round points and curved or straight.


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