Piermarini Boutique

Piermarini Boutique, an upscale shop located in Uptown Dallas, hired a creative team to produce several promotional pieces for their upcoming fall line. Leading as the creative director, videographer and editor, the team and I created images that utilized the male gaze as an advertising technique for the in-store displays. The project also required a video to be shot, ultimately to be displayed on the televisions surrounding the shop. Images courtesy of Mat Wulff Photography. 



Creative RoundUp

Just as much as I consider myself a creative, I also consider myself a nomad. I assembled a group of my closest friends whom just so happened to consist of make-up artists and photographers, to head with me on the three hour journey from Dallas to Austin for the music festival SXSW. During this trip we posted an ad on Craigslist promoting free pictures for a couple hours of the Austinites time. The results of this impromptu creative collaboration produced beautiful images.  


Mateo Sifuentes: Celebrity Hair, Make-Up And Wardrobe Stylist 

Mateo Sifuentes has worked with E! Network, Duck Dynasty, LeAnn Rimes and countless other powerhouses of talent. He has also been a great friend of mine for a little over three years, collaborating on projects sporadically. When it came time for Mateo to make the big move to LA, he needed to create a portfolio that told a story. Something that showcased his versatility, personality and creativity. With my creative direction and our combined talent, we created a portfolio that not only intrigues the viewer visually, but also connects them through the emotion in the imagery. The result landed him a role as a lead stylist at one of the largest talent agencies in LA.